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Did I miss something? Sonik Synth 2

Jeff Irok

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Originally posted by joegerardi:




Your link is missing the "a" at the end.



Oh - I misspelled it in the post above. I got it right when I accessed it, though. I mean, I accessed IK Multimedia, just not the page where the softsynth was supposed to be (I checked my spelling a few times when I wasn't able to get access it and even tried a few variations.)


I'm checking your link out now, progfusion. Thanks!


/edit - Oh...it says it won't be ready for a while... Well, the silver lining is that it's still a good thing to get an issue early, even if all the links it refers to aren't ready...!

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I am eagerly awaiting this demo as well! I think it was a wonderful idea for Keyboard to do this, namely have a bunch of famous licks along with the identity of the vintage synth that produced it. I know the article was framed around the demo of a software program, but I think they should have more features like this in the future!


It's only a matter of time before there will be virtual instruments for every vintage synth we can imagine. Bring it on!



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