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OT: Do you use iMovie?

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Sorry I don't use it but I've played around with it a little. It seems at least as good as the Sony Vaio stuff if not better. You can do two tracks of audio with it which is very cool. Guys are running it on G3 233's with no problems so you should be cool with your G4. For best results, get some RAM, and a fast dedicated firewire hdd to store your video on. I don't know how quick the video eats up storage so go for as many gigs as you can get. I'll bet the same Oxford chip units we use in audio will do the job for video. If my memory serves me you can upgrade to full-blown production software if you get really serious. I recall seeing it for about $1,000 on the Apple site. I'd like to get a camera and do some stuff on my mac too.
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