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price check

Dave Horne

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I'm thinking about buying a new keyboard to replace some of my equipment and I might be selling my Akai S5000 sampler (among other things).


I took a look at Ebay and the price for one there was extrememly low. For those of you who own a S5000, what do you think would be the range of prices for one in perfect condition with a 4 gig hd and 256 megs of RAM.


Don't spam me - I'm not trying to sell it here, I will probably trade it in if and when I buy a new keyboard. I'm just curious what you think the low and high price might be.

No guitarists were harmed during the making of this message.


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I bought one when it was new, and I was a little surprised to see how quickly they sank in price, especially since the ak.sys software essentially makes it a software sampler. I just bought two more with 256 megs of RAM and the USB card for $500 each (64 voice, 8 outs, no fx).

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Yes Dave, that' right. I keep turning away people who want to trade us their old S-6000, EMU E-4 Ultras, and even Akai's newer Z4 and Z8 for peanuts, but we'd get stuck with those if we accepted the trade-ins.

Expect to bring in no more than 500/600 euros for that. If you're lucky.

Max Ventura, Italy.
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