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How does the Kurz Orchestral Rom compare to....


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Well, in my opinion the K2000/2600 Orchestral ROM is pretty good but not as good as the PC2 series orchestral expansion. The orchestral ROM is good but is a little dated compared to some of the other comparable sound sets out there, especialy strings.


The Roland SRX stuff is really good. To be honest, a combination of the Roland stuff and the Kurzweil PC2 set would be a killer setup.

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I vote for the PC2 as well. It's trumpets sound better across chromatic progressions, the strings have more articulations and the woodwinds sound a bit nicer.

The K series Orch ROM has a good percussion sample set, which I find more pleasing than the PC2 percussion.

But IMHO, these samplers/ROMplers have too few and too short samples to really do orchestral well. Some types of orchestral can be faked well, but more complex nuiances reveal the limitations too readily.

Serious orchestral work requires Garritan Orchestral Strings and GigaStudio or Kontakt.


Out of curiousity, has anyone tried the Garritan Personal Orchestra for AKAI with the Kurzweil converter for using the AKAI samples in the K series Kurz?

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Mark A. Weiss, P.E.




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Originally posted by b3keys:

...say, the Roland SRX Complete Orchestra or the SR-JV Orch I&II Boards?

Generally speaking, I'd say the Kurz orchestral board is definitely superior to the SR-JV boards, don't know about the SRX board, it has lots of memory for sure, Roland has generally brighter samples anyway, while Kurzweil tends to be darker and deeper.


BTW - my submission for the vol.7/8 comps has been realized entirely within the Kurzweil, using mainly the "Scoring Tools" sample CD and the Orchestral Board.

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