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Mike Martin I know you left Kurzweil but I have a PC2X question for you!!


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Greetings Mike,


I know your days at Kurzweil are long gone, and working with these types of companies and thier non-disclosure clauses limit what you may be able to say, even after you have left the company. But I'm only asking these question because I really love the PC2X and you have always been such a great kurweil resource.


One, what were your general feelings about the PC2X early on in its developmental days.


Two, what were some of the expectations that you and kurzweil had for the board as it neared completion. Was it above or below these expectations, and did the sales numbers match what you were hoping for, and did a lukewarm sales sideline the instrument.


Three, what would you have liked to be implemented in this board which didnt make it, what addons/upgrades got yanked, and where did the ball get dropped relating to future development and support of this instrument.


I konw it might be difficult legally for you to address some of these issues. But at least I think some answers might put some of us at rest. Everytime I touch this isntrument and listen to the sonic quality I just wonder what it could have been.






Reading, PA

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I still think the PC2 series is a great product. I wish I still had my PC2R/O.


At the time the PC2 was being developed, I wasn't involved too much in product development at Kurzweil. I really have no knowledge as to what might have been planned, and what features did not reach the final product.


I think there were some very high expectations for the PC2. It was the replacement for the PC88 and some people assumed that it would automatically be a success. In reality the market got much more crowed with instruments from every other manufacturer.


The only thing I can say that I wish they would have done is a computer based editor. There is a guy posting over at www.sonikmatter.com that has a prototype editor. Users are trying to encourage him to finish it.

-Mike Martin



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Great topic! Just got a PC2X and am loving it so far!


Tell me, does anyone know of any source online for PC2 patches? All I could find was a ZIP of 10 (really nice!) Electric Pianos on the Kurzweil FTP site. (and some of those patches don't make any sound after turning the instrument off and back on again...)


A software editor would be awesome!

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