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NEED HELP Running Roland JV-1010 in Sequencer...


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I'm trying to complete what I though was a relatively simple procedure in utilizing the patch listing feature for my external MIDI sound module, the Roland JV-1010. After some long hours trying to get OMS to recognize my patch listings, I am now able to successfully access any patch I want on my JV-1010 from my track listing in Cubase using channel 1. HOREAY!!!


The problem is, Channel 2 does is not recognized ANYTHING! I thought this problem was caused by my JV-1010 being in patch mode, thus I switched it over to performance mode. This mode is even WORSE for it doesn't even allow channel one to access patches from the patch listings in Cubase, yet alone any other channel. I've tried reading the Roland manual for advice, though like most companies, they think their products are the only ones that exist, and thus do not offer any advice on how to use it in conjunction to a sequencing program.


Performance mode DOES work when I drag and drop the 16 patches I want on my MIDI channels from its accompanying version of SoundDiver. However, it would save me tons of time and headache to be able to simply use the track names features in Cubase, giving me access to all available sounds for trial in my compositions rather then just hoping that the 16 I've chosen in SoundDiver blend well together.


Any help on this subject would be GREATLY appreciated. I will try to post this same message in a Roland Forum as well (sorry if its off topic for these forums).


Jonathan Timpe

http://www.shopjt3.com Music Technology Workshop


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The issue I suspect is not in the JV-1010 but in Cubase. Once you set the 1010 to Performance mode, you can independently select any of the 16 parts on their corresponding midi channel. I am not familar with Cubsae, but you can still see if the issue is the module or the sequencer.


A simple way to check is to plug your keyboard directly into the module, put the module in Performance mode and then play your keyboard and change the TX channel to make sure each voice in the module plays. If channels 1-16 work that way, the issue is indeed in how your Cubase is setup to retransit incoming midi data...

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