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Q:Remember the old "Patch Pages" or "Patch Charts" still available anywhere?


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I remember back in my early teens right about the time the Juno-106 was coming out in Keyboard magazine and Roland Users Groups, Yamaha Aftertouch they used to have something called, "patch pages."


These pages (now made somewhat obsolete by all the sysex, midi, online files etc.) would show you a picture of the actual controls of your synth and a numberic value for that parameter.


Example: Moog Frequency = 64, Resonance = 20, etc...


Now these may have seemed tedious but by physically doing a few of these one could get REALLY really adept at programming their synth of choice.


My main axe and then some these days is the Subtractor synth within Propheads Reason software.


I never really got to much into samplers for the sake of sampling acoustic instruments but have always LOVED synths when they are being synths!


I like to replicate orchestral instruments on the subtractor and get the embodiment of the target sound while getting the "Live" synth feel of the active tones.


So I was wondering, does anyone know where I can DL some old school "Patch Pages" back from the "Switched on Bach" days?


Synth programmers in those days were really good at analog synth replication because they didn't have samplers. And the result which I loved was something that could play the same role as its target instrument but with a new live synth texture.


I felt if I could look at some old analog "Patch Pages" of strings, oboe's, drums, flutes, etc. I could have some really good insight on replicating these and other orchestral instruments on the awesome Subtractor?


Yes I know the patch would be identical but it should be similar enough for a solid starting point reference.


So, anyone know where them old SH-101 trombone, Moog Bowed String, patch pages are online? In PDF or JPG's???




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