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An Experiment

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So... I needed new preamp tubes for my present guitar rig (Mesa/Boogie Studio .22 preamp, Mesa/Boogie 50/50 power amp), but I couldn't get to a music store to pick up the tubes. I only had two fresh 12AX7s sitting around at home, so I tried something. An experiment, if you will. I took my new tubes and stuck 'em in my Mesa/Boogie V-Twin pedal and ran the V-Twin through my 50/50. I used a splitter cable to put the pedal's output into both inputs of the 50/50(so that I'd get all 100 watts through my cab). I used an old channel-switching button to bypass the pedal's internal channel-switching. I tuned up and cranked. WOW. That fucker sounds great. Nice chunk, and the channel-switching is clean. Plus, I took that heavy-ass Studio .22 out of my rack. Now all that I have in my rack is the 50/50, a rack drawer and a power conditioner. I keep the V-Twin in the drawer, and I have duct-taped all the pertinent cables into place for easy access. The whole thing is light now. Looks a little weird, but I like it. I might need a smaller rack. I bet I'm the first guy to say that. OK... now a question... I'm no tech... is what I did here OK? I mean, am I gonna blow my shit up because I tried this experiment? The manual for my V-Twin sez this is a valid, safe way to run my rig, but I don't always trust those things.



"To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting."

--Sun Tzu

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Why not? The V-Twin is a preamp, after all. And a blazing little mofo, at that! From mesaboogie.com: [quote][b] ...It even has headphone capability that will embarrass the effects-laden digital wanna be's. Or can be plugged into any power amp - including the PA.[/b][/quote]I used to have one myself - one of those pieces that I really regret giving up. One of these days...
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