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Staccato: Release Velocity as a MIDI controller. Who implements it?


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I am finding that release velocity is truly necessary to play both staccato and legato parts on the same patch. I notice the roland romplers allow you route it to envelope (release times), which help tighten up your rhythmic parts for piano, clave, epiano, etc. In fact acoustic guitar parts really come to life if you use release velocity to close a slightly resonant filter (whump). Kinda like muting.


However these synths do not send this as MIDI information to control external tone generators. Does any manufacturer's controller send this? Or is it one more thing (like poly-aftertouch) that a few people care deeply about but the market at large won't support?



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I keep thinking the alesis QS series did - maybe someone can correct me on this one...

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Originally posted by zeronyne:

The best controller that did release velocity was the Kurzweil MIDIboard, although I rarely see one on the used boards these days.

IIRC, the older Kurz stuff sent release velocity, but it caused problems because they used it in lieu of note off info.


I remember that when I was doing user support at Kurzweil in the '80s someone called who was trying to use a Yamaha MEP4 (MIDI Even Processor) with a Kurz keyboard (might have been a K1000). His problem was that when he was trying to transpose note data, there was no note off info - just release velocity, which was transmitted as a separate hex number than the note on info. Consequently, all his notes kept getting stuck.


Of course, that was about 15 years ago...


I don't seem to recall the QS series doing it, either.





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