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Reason 2.0 won't run after upgrading the memory.


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Hi guys,


Everytime I try to run reason it asks for the Orkester CD.


The only change I can thinks of is that I upgraded my memory from 256 to 500.


Reason must use some calculation with the memory and the license key.


I have re-installed Reason dozen times with no luck.


I have installed Reason without the Soundfont and Orkester refills, and then copied the two files across manually after the install. Tried to start Reason and got the same message asking for the Orkester CD.


I cant get the install to the stage where it asks for the license key again.


Do i need to remove the extra memory? I have searched the RegEdit hoping to find the key, somewhere but with no help.


(Running on Dell Latitdue Notebook - Pentium 3 on Windows 2000)




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I have installed and registered Reason on three PC's; home studio, laptop, and work computer. For some reason it does what you describe on my home computer, but not the laptop or work computer. It can be a bit aggrovating. I am not sure why it chose this computer to hassle me on unless after so many installs it goes into that mode.



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