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Uh oh...I've joined the cult!!


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That's right. I'm now a disciple at the Church of ADAM! I gave our esteemed moderator a phone call a couple of weeks ago and told him "I think it's time I take those puppies on a test drive in my studio."


I spent a number of hours(!) at Dave's booth at NAMM in January chatting and playing mixes on various ADAMs; anyone who has been to a trade show knows it's the last place on earth one wants to attempt to make any kind of qualitative judgement on something as particular as the "sound" of a monitor. But, what I could tell was that these speakers had some serious mojo going on.


At the time, I was using a pair of KRK V8's and REALLY didn't like how my mixes were translating. Prior to the KRKs, I used a pair of Dynaudio BM5's for almost 4 years, and would use NS10's when mixing in other studios. I like Dynaudios a lot and was tossing around the idea of moving from the KRKs to an active pair of Dyn's - BM6A's or BM15A's - or maybe some Genelecs. And then I heard the ADAMs...


...And then I saw the ADAM pricetags...so I bought a pair of Dynaudio BM6A's. Great monitors; my mixes translated well, I could hear the things I was missing in the KRKs, they weren't fatiguing, clients were really happy with the mixes, etc.


...But something was missing. I still had this nagging feeling that I needed to experience what I heard at NAMM in the horrible acoustics of the basement at the Anaheim Convention Center - if I could tell in that environment that these monitors were so cool, they could only be better in my studio.


They are so far beyond anything I could have expected! :eek: The pair of S2.5-A's were delivered and I hooked them up and immediately began working on a song for a "jam band" that I'm mixing. I had already mixed the song once the day before on the Dynaudios, and I had a duplicate file without any processing ready to go for the ADAM mix. The first thing I noticed was how quickly I worked, instantly zeroing in on the problematic aspects of the tracks (this song was NOT recorded very well...) and finding the space where each element of the mix resided best. Effects were transparent and detailed, the top end was brillant but not fatiguing, the bottom huge and full, never out of control. I felt like every move I made in the mix was the right one and I didn't second guess what I was hearing.


The real test was letting the band hear the mix - THEY FREAKED! The space and depth was on a different level than all the previous mixes (guess I'll be reworking some stuff now...). It translated to every playback system beautifully.


Then I started playing some of my favorite CD's through the ADAMs - this was good and bad; some of the CD's I thought were great had all of their flaws exposed, like under some harsh flourescent lights. Others that I thought were truly great still are. Peter Gabriel's latest, UP, is just masterful and I'm hearing it like never before. All the layers he built up, and the places Tchad Blake took those mixes...stunning!!


So I have them for another week before having to decide if I'll keep them for good. Anyone want a pair of Dynaudios? :thu:

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I've had mine(2.5As) for a couple of month now. They are incredible with one exception: The spec says they go down to 34Hz. So allowing for some margin I decided to test my 60 Hz Ac signal connected to the input. Now they don't smell so good. About that 2 year warrantee Dave... :eek::D
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Originally posted by Lee Flier:

Oh no, bleen... I warned ya that would happen! :D

That you did! Oh well...there are worse fates to befall me!


Originally posted by Lee Flier:

How's the studio coming along anyhow?

Check yer email!


Originally posted by Kcbass:

Are you getting any sleep? Kcbass

What is this "sleep" thing? People keep talking about it, but I just don't understand... :freak::confused:



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