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best free plugins? NO SIGHTREADING NEEDED


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ok, since the reading vs dj vs guitar vs transmissions vs bass vs... is just too stressfull, I have another thread that I'm curious about:


since I stopped getting (ahem) borrowed err ILLEGAL copies of music, and started buying legit copies, I've come to love some of the free plugins available...


anyone care to note which you like and why?


some of my faves:


anything from big tick audio -all their plugins are well made and sound great


crystal-just sounds nice

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Triangle II VSTi

Crystal VSTi, although I haven't used it much

MDA JX10 I think this is the one that is a free version of JX16 that comes with Cubase...it's decent.


Endorphin compressor - I use this a lot, it seems to work well on drum kit tracks. It also seems to work well on a rock or pop type of mix.


Some others:


Ruby Tube


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That's funny. I think Crystal is an astounding instrument, as novel, complex, and cool an idea as I have seen in a softsynth. The syncable multipoint envelopes are a revelation. It's stable as can be, it's gui is thoughtful and effective. And since I first downloaded it, it has gone through WAY MORE updates and major feature set modifications than any softsynth I paid for (Wake up, NI). SF2 support?!!? How cool is that?? Glenn is unbelievable in this regard.


But, I gotta say, I don't love the basic sound elements of it. The oscillators seem either flat or grating to me, and even the newest filters (XLoRes, for example) don't feel sharp to me. Fine. This simply means that I won't be using it much for simple subtractive sounds, where osc and filter are the whole ballgame. Crystal was made with other games in mind...


If Crystal had the Oscs and Filters of the rgc synths, it wuld be the king ding in my book. As it is, it is an extraordinarily generous and cool freebie--stretches the limits of the freebie further than any other. (Only the NSKit rivals it in terms of value for NO MONEY, imo).


My other favorite freebie synths would be


rgc:audio Triangle II

Iblit (a very simple subtractive synth with great basic sound quality, to my ears)

The MDA epiano

The Cheese Machine!


Check 'em all out at KvR-vst.com! Freebies are a great way to pass the time between GAS attacks!

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Crystal 2.4 with the new sf2 banks is awesome. This synth just keeps getting better and better. The new version boasts improved sound, and I think I can hear it.


Also I want to 2nd my own endorsement of Iblit, or more precisly PolyIblit . This synth is nothing special in terms of functionality or gui (isn't it mysterious how guis influence perceived sound quality?) In fact, it's utterly pedestrain: 3 oscs, 2 filters, 2 amps, a bunch of envs and lfo and standard mod routings. No efx.


Iblit is cool because its oscillators sound very good, really thick and liquid. I jut did a basic osc--> filter ocmparison between Iblit and Evolver, and, well, I don't feel like saying Iblit won, but check it out. It's a hidden gem, and free!


BTW, I just got the latest all-the-buzz freebie the Superwave P8. Hasn't really done much for me yet

Check out the Sweet Clementines CD at bandcamp
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