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Giving GO BACK da boot!

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Anybody using Roxio Go Back with any success? I had one of the earlier versions of this program, and it damaged my C partition, so I stopped using it for a period of time. So, with some reluctance I started using the latest Go Back that is bundled with my Norton System Works. I've only been using it for a few months, but my current version seems to really excel at corrupting files. Is it me? Am I cursed? :confused:
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After seeing first hand the mess this soft made of many a PC(I can't even begin to describe the variables),I made it a point to avoid it.Personally I think it's doomed to failure due to the nature of it's design in the first place.On the other hand some people claim to have no problems with it and actually like it( :eek: ).My philosophy is to set up everything right in the first place negating the use for it.I know what I'm saying doesn't help you much at the present,but I still can't get the mess a freind made out of his PC out of my head when he asked me for help.Even I wanted to just bolt out of his place.Software the he had uninstalled at various stages of roll back were suddenly appearing out of nowhere,disk activity intefering with DAW stuff ect.,biggest mess Iv'e seen to date.
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