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Radar II to Powerbook.........How?

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Hi Roger. Here's the situation. I multitrack to a Radar II and generally use less than 24 tracks. I'd like to do my 2 mix from my analog console to two of the remaining Radar tracks (23 & 24) and then digitally transfer this into my pismo powerbook. Do you have any recomendations for an interface? The Radar II has TDIF, spdif and AES out. The Mac Powerbook has USB Firewire and a PCMCIA slot. My thinking is the Radar's converters are going to be "better" sounding than most USB or Firewire A/D boxes out there so why go back out analog just to go through another A/D conversion. I figured on using something with a USB or Firewire interface via spdif. However when I asked the iZ Radar forum, Barry (the President) said: "You don't really want to use firewire or USB for realtime transfers since they do not have embedded synchronous clocks and have too much jitter". Wow. That doesn't sound like much fun. How would you go about this? I'm very open to suggestions. If this helps, here's a link to the yet unresolved thread on Radar's site: http://recordingtheworld.infopop.cc/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=79 7604782&f=831603982&m=6536061261 Thanks......Erik Korte
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