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OT [book]-Fierce invalids home from hot climates

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Nope. I've only read one Tom Robbins book, Still Life with Woodpecker. Man, that is a good book! It's a classic. I highly recommend it to anyone with a twisted sense of humor and romanticism. As far as Fierce Invalids goes, I've heard it's not his best, but still good. Have you read it, Alpha?
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yeah, i read it finally last month after buying it a year or so ago. while its not [i]skinny legs and all[/i] that just blows your mind or [i]jitterbug perfume[/i] that sucks it back together again, its still pretty strange in lieu of the world today. im curious how many here have read tom robbins and what they think of his books?



"if god is truly just, i tremble for the fate of my country" -thomas jefferson

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