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Degrees of Seperation

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If you used to like reading liner notes, and checking out the personel line-ups of the musicians, you may have noticed names familiar to other projects, groups and gatherings. It can be amusing at times to make "connetions" of sorts to the most unusual people by following these trails. It may take some research, or some might know all the info off the top of their heads, but there are all sorts of possibilities out there. I have one that might seem like a stretch, but it works nonetheless... Connecting Kenny Loggins to Jerry Lewis: Loggins used to be in partnership with Jim Messina; Who was once a member of Buffalo Springfield; Along with Stephen Stills; Who once recorded a live album called "Super Session;" With keyboardist Al Kooper; Who wrote the song "This Diamond Ring;" Recorded Gary Lewis and the Playboys; And Gary Lewis' father is...Jerry Lewis! I said it was a stretch, but y'all should get the point. What can some of you come up with? Whitefang
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[quote]Originally posted by TheWewus: [b]Here's one. Connect Jimi Hendrix to The Monkees. Hendrix toured with the Monkees in 1967. That was easy. OK, a real one. Try this, connect Tiny Tim to The Eagles.[/b][/quote]Don Johnson, a good friend and roommate of Glenn Fry's (former member of The Eagles) lived next-door to Doc Severenson who at the time was the band-leader on the Johnny Carson show when Tiny Tim married Miss Vicky live on the show in 1969. ...and if you believe that, I have some (NOS) 'Pet Rocks', (sans container) I'll sell you real cheap. Just for you; It's cool, I'm there for you buddy. :D Matt
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