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new B3 simulation from Emagic

mr. tunes

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Thought everyone would like to know after reading a few posts in here about the B3 simulations. Most Keyboard readers should know about this by now.


I just spotted this in the Music Messe section of this month's issue. There is the EVB3 and the EVD6 (a clav simulation)


Logic Only of course



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Hey, SteadyB, you guys got some demo MP3's of those bad boys? Would love to hear 'em!

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Actually it's not a B3 clone, it's a B4 emulation.


Hahahaha! Just kidding. It's hard to imagine a software clav, but it'll be interesting to hear. Does it support polyhonic aftertouch? A real clav has the feely thing going like a Baroque keyboard.



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steadyb demo'd them for me today at DigiWorld. As with the NAMM show, the listening setup was less than ideal. I heard them through baby Genelecs, with a fair amount of noise coming from the other booths in the background. Having made that disclaimer, they both sounded great!


There were some very cool features for sound sculpting; and all of them were automatable, of course! While I don't use organ or clav sounds that often, they were cool enough that I will definitely add these to my "to buy" list!

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One major difference between the B4 and the emagic EVB3 is the emagic includes a variety of Leslie sims, including the 145, 147 and 122 models. If these Leslie sims are done well and can be used as effects (the same way you can use the B4's Lesie sim) it will be a great thing.
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