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Tips for translating.


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I wrote a song, but I composed it on a Yamaha keyboard. I used the organ and bass organ patches. Now it need to translate this to the B3. Now it sounds HORRIBLE . What tricks do you use when playing a song composed on one instrument to another? Kcbass

 "Let It Be!"

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No tricks. You just have to know your sounds intimately. You never know what will sound good on a particular patch until you "road test" it. One melody figure will sound excellent on one patch and then will be totally uninspirational on another. It's just like with an orchestra. You can have a single note in the score. If it's for a piano you pretty know what it will be, but if it's for, say, an oboe, it will have a differently totally character and can evoke totally different emotions because of the malleability of an oboe tone (especially with a great player). Same with synth patches. Just fiddle around.
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