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Xbox owners/racing fans..


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I'm not sure how many of you own Xbox's, and are also racing fans (I'm actually not a racing fan myself, at least not too much), but here it goes. If you're looking for that next "good" xbox game-there hasn't been too many lately, check out Rallisport Challenge-I rented it and it's quite a bit of fun. Kind of off topic, yes, but oh well.


Now that we're talking about Xbox...


I'm sure if you own an Xbox, you own Halo, right? Thought so. Well, on the third level, Truth and Reconciliation (or whatever the one is where you have to ride the gravity lift up to that spaceship thing)-I've got a question about the music. Ok, once in the spaceship, you find a locked door, and have to go around. Ok, once inside the room where you have to unlock the door (you'll enter on the second level, and it's a huge room with a bunch of baddies on the first level). Listen-don't go too far into the room. You'll hear some sort of sci-fi beeps and whatnot, in a seemingly random melodic pattern. How many of you think that particular sound is the JV-1080 patch "Biosphere", huh? It's gotta be!

"Bach is ever new"-Glenn Gould
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Got an XBox.


Don't have Halo but someday I will try it.

I last about 5 minutes in racing games before moving on.


Just remembered I loaned my XBox to someone about 2 months ago and never bothered to get it back.


I'm still amazed at how good the music is in some computer games.



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okay how about this-


i've got PS2, not X. i rented an EA baseball game (i think it was triple play 2002, not sure) featuring bob costas doing the play by play. the last time i played before returning it, something interesting happened. during the 7th inning stretch, BOB COSTAS SANG "TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME!" the whole song! the color guy sang along on a few lines too. by the time they finished the inning was practically over and bob said "if there were any doubts that you spent your money wisely on this game, now you know."


yeah, i've got a weird sense of humor. :freak:

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