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Sampler ram ?


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I'm pretty sharp on synths but samplers are new to me. I just bought a used Kurweil K2000s and I'm slowly making it through the manual. However, I just found out that it wont read akai formatted program data. After loading samples from aa Akai cdrom, you then have to assign the samples to a new keymap and recreate all the program parameters. Ugh! Ok, I'm gonna keep the Kurz because I know that it's still going to be a great synth. But what I want is to be able to load beautiful sounds without the work from cdroms like Miroslav Vitous and Symphony of Voices. So here are a couple of questions; If I get a used akai like an S2000 or 3000, will I be able to load any bank from these cdroms with a max of only 32mb of ram onboard? If not, I dont want one. Which brings me to question number two: How well does the Emu stuff work with Akai cdroms? And I'm probably talking about the lower end Emu like the ESI 2000 and 4000 which can hold 128mb of ram. I just want to be able to load custom banks of whatever instruments I need for a particular piece. Also, can either line of these samplers load individual programs instead of entire banks? So as to be able to customize what I load incase the entire bank exceeds the amount of ram I have available. Thanks in advance.



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