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Tips to prohibit mishap disasters around your gear


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Got any tips? I have one.


Throughout the day, as I work, I regularly take breaks and reach over and pick up my Taylor and whack out a few songs. I keep it plugged in to my amp for those times when I just gotta hear it electrified. But that cord presents a problem. My office is small and that cord can get in a loop and kinda stick above the floor. If I walk into that loop by accident if somebody comes to the door and I'm not paying attention, there goes my Taylor. So, everytime I put it back in its stand, I always put the cord behind it so it can't latch on to my foot!


Another thing, when someone comes in here, I'm like a hawk watching them. I try to get 'em out and let's go elsewhere to talk. If they're in here, I'm just waiting for them to trip into my Taylor.


Also, don't throw capos. Duh. This is really stupid. I've had my Ovation for 25 years and it was the best model you could buy back then, so I've taken care of it. One day, the phone rang or something as I was playing and I jumped up and I guess the capo was in my lap of something. I got a few feet away and threw it back on the bed. Centered my Ovation. It's the only nick in the finish I've ever had in it for 25 years. Really pissed me off. Deep little nick mark.


There's bound to be lots of things you can do to keep from being stupid.

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shame about the ovation. :(


never go to sleep with guitar picks in your mouth. but if you do, they pass quite normally. because when i play bass i jump around alot i finally invested in a wireless system because if you behave like i do on stage you are bound to pull your lead out more than 100 times. it also frees you up.

as for keyboards, when you borrow someone elses, be very kind to it and not do multiple repeated glissandi at fortefortissimo :freak: . this may result in the breakage of a key or 20 (in my experience, both korgs.... :eek: )


pray for peace,


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On the drummers tip, never leave your axe lying near the drum riser at tear-down time, especially after a particularly bad show. I was once that drummer, and I am still remorseful every time I see the cymbal gash on my bass player's fretless.


Also, even though my little yamaha cs01ii monosynth leans against the wall at home, so I can easily grab it, it somehow got stepped on yesterday by my wife. Now one of its keys, like me, is crushed. And this is one of the breaks of owning stuff that looks like a toy: who would think that thing is actually rare and valuable? I am trying hard to hide my sorrow, because she doesn't know how much I paid for it! No one to blame but myself for this one...


Steve F

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