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How long?


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Good question hehe.... for me personally, I don't know yet - I come up with plenty of good sounding "song ideas" and work them out just a bit, save em to floppy, but never have had the (courage) yet to finish working on them lol.... soon I think though. I need to get into software sequencing I think, since I'm a very visual thinker, and I think being able to "see" my song (versus with a hardware sequencer) will be a step in the right direction for me.

I think part of it too is (for a newbie) there just seems to be a nearly insurmountable jumble of information, terms, and technology to learn and understand... it probably comes more easily to some than others. "Listening" is also an important step I think -- right now, I "get" a whole lot more out of any song I listen to then I did, say, a few months to a year ago. One last issue I can think of for myself personally, is frustration due to a lack of as-good-quality sounds as I would like to have at my disposal (I'm just a poor college student with a single midrange keyboard hehe). It's a stupid psychological thing though - you can make good music with "lousy" sounds if you're determined... its too easy to get caught up wishing for something better though.


Anyhow, enough ramblings from me :)



Dave AbsoluteCross.com

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I have recently been recording alot .


For the 1st time in my life , I am trying to put a CD together .


How long ......it all started in November . I am now just about 6 songs complete . Going for 8 maybe 9!


I have had success with getting good result's with hard disk recording .

I think of a hook or phrase . Than I try to find the right feel for the song idea . Sometimes it takes a while to get it all down . I do concentrate on keeping all the songs around 3 minutes .



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hhhm, non sucking... that's a hard one.


well I'd have to say, in terms of since I've been recording and doing stuff on the computer, it took about two weeks to come up with a song that didn't suck. but it was only an instrumental. I have yet to come up with one that doesn't suck that includes vocals. it seems I'm always tossing on just a little to much in the arrangement and leaving no room for the vocals.


so that makes it two years and counting, I suppose at some point I'm just gonna have to get away from the computer and write a song on the piano without all the distracions of soft synths, nifty effects and my pathetic hacks at drum programming.

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