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CS6x : Arp has more than what meets the eye... (??)

Rod S

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Up till now, I hadn't used the arp in the CS6x for recording yet, mostly just for fun. So I hadn't really payed attention to what the arp was actually doing as far as what events it was generating, only enjoying the effect.


Well, so I came up with a decent sounding riff with the arp on one of the presets, and I decide to record it.


OK, preset is INT:017 "Sq:Foundation" . I set it to record everything. So afterwards, I turn the arp off, play back the sequence in cakewalk, and it sounds right. Which means everything got recorded correctly in cakewalk, with the all necessary events that make up the 'arp effect'


So I open up the staff view, and I only see the notes I played. Interesting. So I open up the event view, and along with the notes I played, I see all this CC data (Filter cutoff, resonance, and pan). Cool.


I though this was rather interesting, since I thought the arp patterns on the CS6x only generated extra notes, and not controller data. Interesting since the manual doesn't really say a hell of a lot on this. So this is more like the karma GE stuff than your typical arp.


Anyone has more detailed information on the arp feature on the yamahas?

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