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question for dave about the new qs6.2


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hi dave

i own an alesis qs6 with an 8 Mb flash rom, and since i know you're involved with their product, i wanted to ask you the following question:

would it be possible to download the new sounds (samples), that alesis plans to afford on their site for the qs6.2, to my qs6, and it would work the same?



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Originally posted by Pim:

my guess is that the products are for 99.99% compatible.


Since the QS6. is just a silver QS6.1 with a few less features, I imagine that it'd work just fine. Essentially, the new 4 meg of sounds would probably just be a small QCard.


The only potential problem is if the program bank that was written for the new sounds also use the samples in the onboard ROM. Your QS6 only has 8 of the 16 MB that's in all of the other QS synths, so it might not have some of the samples required in that case.


If, on the other hand, the programs that go with the new samples only use the new samples, then I'm pretty sure that you'll be fine.





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