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becoming an awesome keyboardist


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Hey guys,


I read some past postings from certain people who wanted

to become better keyboardists, and were beginning/intermediate

keyboard players. Anyway, I found something you all may know

about, but just in case somebody doesn't, this helped me, so

maybe it'll help you.


I recently ordered the "contemporary keyboardist pack" by

pg music. I ordered it from jazzutopia.com. This software

pack has professional keyboardists playing jazz, latin, blues,

and new age styles, and it only costs $50. The best part for me is that I can see exactly what they're playing on the little keyboard at the top, as well as how it looks notated on the music staff. Since I learned how to play by ear, this has really helped me in learning to sightread better.


I'm not writing this as a plug, because this is the only thing

I've ever ordered from jazzutopia. You can get it from

pg music's web site as well. You should probably go there

anyway to see if you could use something like this (pgmusic.com). Anyway, I love practicing now because I'm

playing like the pros!





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I don't know if its part of the pack you purchased, but if you have any interest in playing jazz, I also highly recommend another product by the same company, the Jazz Piano Master Class by Miles Black. It's a two cd-rom set that starts out very basic and works up to more advanced concepts, covering chord voicings, soloing, comping, bass lines, reading lead sheats and arranging for both solo and group playing. I already had some knowledge of jazz playing, and have still found these cd-roms fun to play with and instructive. You might want to check it out, if you haven't already ...


play on,


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