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Prophet 5 $?


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Hello !


I have stumbeled across a Prophet 5, and I am thinking of buying it. The board seems to be in good shape. Looks very good, sounds good too,...

The errors:

*The modulation wheel is broken.

*One of the filterknobs seems to be a bit dusty, when turning the knob it does not make a smooth transition, you can hear it in the sound. (Sounds kind of cool,.. ) :)

*When playing dual OSC sound some keys sound a little more off tune yhan others,... (Charming,...)


So the big question, how much would you guys pay for such an instrument?

(I can get it for about 750$)

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That's a good price for either revision P5, with our without MIDI. (The earlier versions, the Rev1 and 2, use SSM chips for the sound and the Rev3+ uses Curtis chips. I strongly prefer the SSM version P5s, if it matters. The SSM versions are more touchy repair-wise too.) The filter pot might simply be displaying a digital control artifact (stepping). It's been a long time since I've played with one but if the effect is the same at any position on the pot, and not only in one or two, then it might just be how the instrument works. Search the Analogue Heaven archives for more information on Prophets:


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Originally posted by ricknbokker:

Please, R... more info on this 'Wine Country Sequential", if you will.


Save me the trouble of surfing. :)




Sorry about that Steve, I figured you would already know about it. Burning Busch (great name b/t/w) beat me to it though. The WCS guys are several of the engineers behind the original Prophet and Sequential synths and they are generally considered the best resource for all things Prophet.



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