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Greetings. After fifteen years of avoiding computers I am getting what I deserve. Time spent in severe embarrasment rather than thrashing out the technicalities. In some previous synth discussions I noticed that the rewards were not always evident in using computers as opposed to the instruments. I was initially disappointed that the computer realm took over so much of the abilities of `instruments` since sound cards look as expenxive as laptops. All right I am a little tight-fisted. Also some of my notions of interface, peripherals, and outboard gear are way out of touch. It took a long time making the leap from computer to sound card and from interface to gear. So like I say, it is somewhat overwhelming to a certain population. Sure would be fine to have a machine that excepts various programs and has a resonator dial on it (had to throw that in). I read some of the best musical examples, I am just saying synthwise throughout, are on ads. There are some good sounds there and wonder if one can happily say they can come about those sounds on the instrumental synths. Otherwise the target gets further out of range for those not in the know. The resource for ads may have been overstated. Would be nice if it were true. At this point I just have to wonder (outloud,sorry) what module or keyboard I`ll end up with. It would be percipetice to have maximized this belated arrival to an electronically interesting time. Even if only a module of a Roland rs5. There was supposed to be a question in here. Thanks for reading, Adios,



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