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Woo-Hoo! Feds Cut Next-to-Last Half Percentage Point!!

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... and the stock market's responded with a ROUSING .07% increase in the Dow! Wow! I guess monetarism really works, huh? :eek: Doesn't matter that actual production's declined at a more rapid rate in September and October than it did even right after 9/11; that consumer confidence has completely plummeted; that mass layoffs continue, and will continue well into January -- I have it on word from a good friend that a HUGE company's going to be laying off tens of thousands more come January, and that's just one of 'em; that the 0/0/0 Beggar Financing the auto industry's been engaging in to pump up artificial numbers as desperately as any Enron CEO is finally coming home to roost; that the entire health insurance industry is teetering on the edge of complete meltdown; that the rest of the world's laughing at the US for not being able to get its head out of its butt and take a look at real global issues that it refuses to acknowledge; that the real estate bubbles in all the major urban US markets are about to burst in a spectacular way. No, none of this matters, folks; we still have a .5 of a point left to cut in the Interest Rate, so, we're safe. Tune in tomorrow, for that spectactular 2,000 point jump on Wall Street that's going to ring in the New Age of Republican Good Feelings. rt
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