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shareware direct x effects. Recommendations?


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I've just started using direct x plug ins with my software (Cakewalk Pro Audio, Acid, Vegas) and I'm wondering if someone can recommend some really good guitar effects plug ins...other than the standard flanger, phaser, tremolo......I am on a small budget since shelling out for a Motif.


I found lots of stuff at sharewaremusicmachine.com, but I didn't see any really cool effects for the guitar.


Please recommend any type of plug in effects that you're excited about!

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If by guitar effects, you're looking for distortion and overdrive kinds of effects, I only know of few. reValver is getting some high marks from users, kind of a software POD, I suppose. Cakewalk makes an Amp Sim program. I have the lite version and it's nothing special (I also have a POD). But the real problem for me is that most guitar effects I need to monitor while recording. SONAR does this if you've got enough horsepower, but I don't use SONAR yet.


For general DX effects, many of which are great for guitar, you simply can't beat the Waves bundle, esp. now that they've added all kinds of trippy flangers and filters (and Doppler!) to augment their extraordinarily good compressors and EQs. You simply can't beat, but based on your post, yu simply can't afford it either...SO:


for $200, you can get the excellent Sonitus Ultrafunk plugin set. Really good stuff. Their reverb, to my ears, is better than the Waves Ren Verb, my beloved TC verb, better than Timeworks, better than all of them except maybe altiverb, which I haven't spent much time with. A dude at Prorec.com did a reverb plugin shootout, included all the major players, and the Ultrafunk reverb was hands down the winner. It is LUSH. The package comes with a full assortment of other effects, EQs, and compressors. I think it is the best value in the DX world.

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