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beginner on the keyboard


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im interested in learning to play the piano/keyboard. i figured for the holidays id get me an entry level keyboard to mess around with. i was looking at Roland.. yet i dont know what is the best for me. im not looking to break the bank.. basically, i want to know what the differences between an Arranger Keyboard (EM-15) and a Contemporary Keyboard (EM-20) are. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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hi illusion,


welcome! :D


i'm not too sure exactly about the difference in the 2 roland keyboards you're looking at, but go to www.rolandus.com and you can find there. my first keyboard was actually a roland e-35, something similar to one of the ones you're looking at now.


it also depends on what you want to do - just learn to play chords and record some little things, or get into classical/technical stuff. if you want to do the former, the rolands are a good start. the sounds are quite good and they have beats/accompaniment that will help you create your own songs. i held onto mine for about 3 years and it did me well.


a weighted keyboard (where the keys are similar to a piano), as opposed to a synth-action keyboard has a much higher price. like i said, the rolands are a good place to start and will even help you understand things like midi and some basic sequencing (recording).


hope this helps


pray for peace,


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Originally posted by illusion:

i think a 61 key keyboard might be too small to play even some simple songs.. but the price range to move up to a bigger one is huge!


Well of course one person's huge is Doanld Trump's pin money so I don't know how much you can afford.


But, make sure you look at some real music stores before buying. You'll be surprised at the range of prices you can find for a given model. A lot of consumer stores have quite decent entry level keyboards but for the same money you could get something significantly better in a music store - or you could get the same unit for significantly less.


If you are prepared to play through headphones or a stereo system for starters, you can also look at some boards that you can use for gigging when you get to that stage. You can't really do that with a portable keyboard, even though some of them have quite decent sounds, because they usually only have headphone outs and the noise levels are too high when you hook them into a PA. Besides, people tend to snicker.


(I own a portable keyboard myself though which is great for parties)

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Originally posted by illusion:

i think a 61 key keyboard might be too small to play even some simple songs..


i don't think that's true. on an 88-key acoustic piano, the upper & lower octaves aren't used that much. of course there are exceptions.


try a 61-key at your local music store, you may find that it's plenty.

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