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Now that keyboards have knobs again�.


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Can anyone suggest a cheap effects unit with lots of real time control? The only outboard effects I have are the Korg Kaos and the Line 6 Pod v2. Im looking for something to connect to my Nord Modular Rack. Primary use would be sound design and creation of those cool evolving loops you sometimes get by accident when using a long delay for an extended period of time. It should have multiple effects, and the panel needs to have enough controllers to alter various effects without having to page between them, i.e. adjust the dept of the flange while boosting reverb and extending the number of repeats of the delay. The Kaos is not spontaneous enough. I want something that if I think it I can tweak it without having to program the control first. Any suggestions?
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Sadly, there has not been an appearance of knob-laden effects, save pricey ones with dedicated controllers like the current top-of-the-line from t.c. electronic, Lexicon and Eventide.


But no worries! You already have a serious knob-box...the Nord Modular Rack! Given the ease with which MIDI CCs can be assigned with the editor, you could dedicate the front panel to send MIDI CCs to the effects you use, assuming they can use MIDI CC.


I use the t.c. electronic FireworX with my Nord Mod keys quite a bit...having a single knob change a morph group in the Modular as well as multiple params in the FireworX makes for some lovely real-time control...and if you love the patching flexibility of the Nord Mod, the FireworX makes for a perfect complement.


Of course, there are many effects processors that do MIDI CC control tricks at a number of price-points...and if you don't want to use the Nord Mod knobs, a quality knob-box is fairly inexpensive and will serve you well in many aspects of your music-making process. I waited a long time before I got my Peavey PC1600x, and afterward I felt like a fool for waiting as long as I did.

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