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Whats the best Sound Module with most Simultaneous FX? (or Keyboard)


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Whats the best Sound Module with most Simultaneous FX? (or Keyboard) I ask??


I have a great keyboard for bread and butter sounds in the Technics KN6500 (superb Piano, Sax, Oboe, Soloist sounds, Brass etc), I also have a Yamaha A4000 Sampler. Now all I want now is a really cracking Keyboard or Module. I want as many Simultaneous FX as you can get...and that rules OUT the Roland XV Models (3080 anyway), because 3 is the maximum I believe. I want to record at least 5 tracks that have there OWN independent effect, with Reverb/Chorus as well. I can't see any module out there that can do this, so I would like some help on this one. Maybe there is something out there that I've never heard of that can do what I want it to? Good Pad sounds are essential, along with Lush strings etc. I DONT need a module full of Guitars, Flutes, Sax's, Accordions, Mambos etc, but just some good sounds for "Film scoring" type of stuff. Don't want a Synth full of solo lead sounds either.


I know just about any keyboard/Module will have some of the above sounds anyway (save the CS6 Perhaps), and I don't mind if they are thrown in as an afterthought, because I wouldn't use them a lot anyway.


BTW, I wrote a bit ago about the Roland FANTOM, but unless I can have more than 3 Simultaneous EFX, I'm not that much for it. It does say you can use 3 EFX in Multi mode, as well as Chorus and Reverb. Is this Right?, and what quality are the "THREE" MFX?, because I understand you get less (50 instead of about 90). Well, would "Rotary" for organ be included in these "50" EFX?, or would that be too powerful, and use up too much DSP?,


I like the Fantom & the KARMA BTW, but the 76 keys on the Fantom is swinging it a little - despite more EFX on the Karma.


BTW, I have about £1300 to spend on this one item (about $1,837.57 USD)





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Also consider a good module that has multiple outs. This allows you to add outboard effects boxes for specific channels. Each extra pair of outs can be the source of another parallel effect. This could be a deciding factor in a close race if the module you like best has one or two less effects.
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