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Help on Korg X3!!!


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Though I'm not a keyboard player but I your expertise.


Our Church is using a Korg X3 and have a keyboard amplifier branded PRINCE (I wonder whether you heard of it before but anyway it is a budgeted amp)


Our problem is the Korg X3 giving dry sound. I don't know how to explain this. The sound - Piano 16' (if you play Korg X3 you would know the preset sound) doesn't give the sound as the real piano's sound. We guys would know better, piano sound grand but ours seem to be dead. We have try to get into X3 setting but none of the changes change the sound we wanted. We also try many setting from the amplifier by increasing and decreasing the low, mid, high and reverb but none of them give a satisfactory sound.


Is there anywhere we can make the sound more lively? or

it is because we have a cheap amplifier?


Since we are not expert in this, some of us are blaming on the Keyboard and some on the amplifier. To me I think the amplifier doesn't give a lively sound.


What would you guys think about this?

If you guys think it is the amplifier, then what amplifier would you recommend that will give a lively sound cost below US$400?

If it is the keyboard...............God bless us!!!


I really need your advise. Our keyboardists are complaining hard and we have been keep telling them to give thanks to the Lord in everything we have.




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Hi Robin,


It seems like the problem is with the budget amp. To confirm that, try connect a head phone (any head phone, i.e., from your Discman or MD) to the 'phone' output jack on your Korg and play the piano sound again. If it sounds natural, then it answers the question.


I am also a church musician and have encountered numerous similar problems--we used to connect a Korg to a very expensive guitar amp and the piano sound come out just like a guitar! It seems that your amp is more for guitar than keyboard. Try to get one of the amps that are optimized for keyboards-i.e., Roland KC-300, Yamaha MS-400, etc. I don't know how much they cost in Malaysia, but should be in your budget.


BTW, may I know which church/denomination you serve in? I know a few Catholic music team from Malaysia: Lucy Chen, Charlie Fo, Alex & Julian, etc. Tell me if you come across with these names.


God bless,


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g'day. well i've been in the same situation as both of you i suppose. at my old church we had a korg x-3, and i agree that the sounds aren't exactly realistic, but you can get them sounding ok.


i agree with joe - the amp may be a problem. i have sold some of the prince amps when i worked in a music store. i don't think they are the best. the smaller it is, the poorer the sound quality will be. if you were willing to buy another amp i would suggest looking at either a Peavey KB/A, Yamaha of any type (at my old church with the X3 they have a massive yamaha keyboard amp - nothing could break it - it was indestructable!!!!), or a Roland. but only look at the KEYBOARD AMP products of these brands. Laney and Crate are also good but cost more.


in the meantime, if you want a better sound you could put the keyboard through a bass amplifier. it will sound a bit better.


from what i can remember, the PIANO 16' is a layered piano with two different octaves (like a 12 string guitar). the better piano sounds will be in the PROG banks, not the COMBI ones. unless you know lots about programming i wouldn't suggest playing with the sounds too much as you might accidentally alter something slight which can have a big difference on the sound. if you are REALLY stuck for a good sound, go to the GM (General Midi) banks and use a piano from there.


the X-3 sounds aren't the greatest, but playing around with the amp's EQ can achieve a better sound. from memory the piano sounds are quite flat. try EQ'ing the amp like this (with the line on the knob matching a clock's hand):


bass eq knob at 2 o'clock

mid eq knob at 11:30

treble eq knob at 2:30 o'clock


i may be wrong - i'm just going by what i remember the sounds to be like.

please let us know how you go.

God bless, pray for peace,


"Consider how much coffee you're drinking - it's probably not enough."
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Hi guys, thanks for your reply.


Now I know, I'm not alone struggling with X3. Yeah the piano sound are very flat, unrealistic and dry what I mention earlier.


jimbyjoe, I will try your eq setting tonight music practice and I will let ya know what the outcome.


Joe, I'm from Full Gospel Church, a Charismatic denomination. I'm sorry I haven't come across those names mention but I think they are great music team, aren't they? You sound familiar to Malaysia, have come to Malaysia b4?


B4 I go, someone in my Church want to donate RM1500 (US$400) for musical instrument, what would you guys suggest? Our pianists suggested digital piano but that will cost RM8000 (US$2105) Roland brand. Or should we change our PRINCE amp?


God bless


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