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EMU dropping price point

Dan O

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Hello to all ,

Emu is dropping the price of the new groove boxes XL7 and MP7 . When you walk into a store you should see them tagged at $999.99 instead of the $1249.99 price point .

I also noticed that Roland has dropped the price point on the VS890 HDR to $999.99 . 6 months ago the price was $1599.99 . 3 months ago it was $1199.99 .....and NOW .......$999.99 . Roland is getting their butt kicked by Tascam and Korg !

Just FYI .........Dano

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Wow, Dano - I wouldn't say Roland's getting their butts kicked, especially not considering the VS2480, CDX1, and BR532.


Seriously, when it comes to hard disk workstations, many companies owe it to Roland for paving the road for this category by introducing the VS880. The price reductions are on older gear that's probably nearing the end of it's life cycle. All the other manufacturers do the same thing - it's the way to sell stuff.


I think the price drops are a cool thing - especially for anyone who's in the market to buy!


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