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Anyone check out Korg D12 vs Tascam 788 ?

Dan O

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I am looking for a comparison between the mentioned items .

I like the 788 for the size and ease of use . I have not had a chance to see the D12 yet . Has anyone made a comparison yet ? Dano

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I just bought a D12 as a "basement hobby" recorder. Many years ago, I had a Teac 4-track reel-to-reel. I really missed the fun of home recording, so when all these digital multitrack units became available I decided to get back in the game.


Some people look down their noses at these "portastudios"; they say you need super editing capabilities that you can only get with Protools and a Mac and thousands of dollars worth of other gear, but I say it depends upon your circumstances. I'm just doing this for fun -- I'm not going to be recording anything for Sony Records, and I'd rather spend my time making music than learning software. Anyway, it's amazing how much capability you can get for under a thousand dollars these days.


I don't know much about the 788; I only considered it briefly. For my money, the extra tracks of the D12 were worth it. Some of the tracks are combined as stereo pairs, which isn't quite as good as having twelve independent tracks, but then, some things you're going to record in stereo anyway, right? Or, you can bounce a few things from other tracks into one of the stereo pairs as a submix, and free up the original tracks, so having those stereo pairs is not really a huge limitation.


I thought the rather small screen would be a nuisance, and I suppose it might be nice to work with a mouse to move the cursor around, but now I've gotten used to it and it's really not an issue.


The effects banks seem pretty useful (there are certainly enough of them!), you can get to them at any point in the process, with practice, and it's fairly easy to edit them to get what you want out of them.


I've just begun to delve into the D12, but I'll keep you posted if I find any glaring problems with it. I'm very pleased with the sound, and I never dreamed I could afford to own a twelve track -- how times change! So far, I'm a happy customer.


Best regards,


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