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computer sample organization


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I'm trying to figure out what software I would need to get in order to create a searchable file library on my computer. here's what I'd like to be able to do:


- I want to be able to create sample files on my computer

- after I've sampled a sound and created a file, I would like to give that file "attributes". for instance, if I sample a guitar riff from a beatles song, I'd like to be able to save the file with the following attritbutes: guitar, beatles, 100bpm, G-major

- then, once I've been able to sample the file and save it according to those attributes, I want to have some type of software that would allow me to create a searchable library. for example, I could go in and do a search for all "guitar" samples or all "G-major" samples, and the software would provide me with a list of all files that match the search criteria


is there some software out there that will allow me to do this? what is it? where can I get it? it seems to me that for all of the people out there doing sampling and computer musicmaking, this is a program that has to exist. I just don't know which program will do what I want it to do.


any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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If you're using Windows 2000 it's already built-in. I'm pretty sure regular Windows, the Mac, and OS X have similar features.


To categorize a file:


1. Right click on the file

2. Select Properties

3. Then select the Summary tab.


Just type your categories separated by commas into the Categories or Keywords sections. If you wanna go nuts, look for the Advanced tab, you can even put in stuff like the revision number etc.


To search for a file:


1. Go to Start, Search, For Files or Folders

2. You'll probably have to use the advanced search options, so browse through and check it out. You should be able to search against the text you put in the files attributes/properties.



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