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Best VA Controller?


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I appreciate all the discussions on this forum about the Nord, Access and Waldorf VA's and have come to the conclusion that I'll eventually want one of each... However, I would like to acquire only one of them in keyboard form and then I'd likely acquire the rest in desktop/rack form as time and finances permit.


So my question is, sound quality aside, which keyboard would make the best controller out of the Nord Lead 3, Access Virus kb or Waldorf Q? If you haven't tried all three keyboards, I'd appreciate any feedback you might have on what might make it a good (or bad) controller. For example, if the keyboard's arpgeggiator doesn't send external midi, that would make the arpeggiator useless with other sound modules. If the knobs don't transmit external midi it would be useless for controlling soft synths. How does the action compare? I'm a guitar player making the transition to keyboards so I wouldn't know the difference right now but I would want this to be my long-term synth action controller so it will eventually matter...




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