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Sampler SOFT or Hard


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It depends. I use them both. For making hip hop etc, I love using my Emu which is maxed out with drums. But for other styles that involve a lot of time stretching etc, I prefer Software as I can process samples and perfect them in 1/5th of the time as my Emu.

I need to get a faster hard drive in order to get Gigasampler to work. So for now, I just dump all my midi/audio tracks into Acid, and mix in samples there. Hopefully Sonar will work better for me.


Does anyone have any recommendations for a software sampler that works more efficiently that Gigasampler? I'm running a p3, 550, 193 megs of ram, but my hard drive is stand alone, and has a seek time in the 8.5-9.5 ms range (can't recall). I get a lot of crackles and poor audio quality using Giga.


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