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doing covers of classical pieces....


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I am very interested in doing a cover of my favourite classical piece "Pachabel's Canon."


But, I am wondering is there any legal hurdles I have to go through if I want to release to song? Is the song considered public domain now, or would I have to pay some type of fee to the copyright holders?



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You should be fine. Copyrights last no longer than 100 years and in case of Pachabel, copyrights didn't even exist around his time, I think. If you play the music yourself, you've got nothing to worry about, but if you sample an exerpt from another recording, then you've got a problem.




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yea...i know that soooo many people have done covers of Canon in D. Ive heard some covers that totally butchered the song....sad.


I remember trying to play the song a few years back, and the sheet music I had was pretty difficult. Considering this was about 4 years after I actually played and practiced piano. Ill have to whip it out to start getting ideas for my cover.


I also DL the George Winston version of it, and two words come to mind, KICK ASS! I love the way he played it on the piano, sucsh smoooove playing. I dunno, but the name George Winston sounds sooo familiar...dunno why.

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