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I must have a Sherman Filterbank!


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A while ago I thought about whether anyone would want to have a discussion on favorite filters. I thought it would be a rather calm discussion. But now I've heard the Sherman and I'm convinced - I must have it!


I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the sound files on their site!! (www.sherman.be) I've known about this box for a long time, I knew that there was basically the filterbank, the 4-pole, and the Spectrum Filter for a long time, and I knew most of the stats on each one. Now there's also the moogerfoger and Electrix boxes out too, but I've never heard anything like this Sherman!! Now with the new version's mods and footpedal input, its audio inputs to either AM, FM or triggers I can't imagine living without it. The distortion on it is awesome, too.


I just went and listened to the Electrix and Moogerfoger's for comparison. They are both so calm and simple minded in comparison. They are good Lowpass filters (Moog's is much better) but so boring in comparison. Of course not everyone wants to be insane all the time.. (but I do http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/wink.gif)

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Keyboard's review of the Waldorf Q claimed the filter routing was innovative.. but the sherman has it!

From EM's review: "the Parallel/Serial (Par<>Ser) control, which smoothly crossfades be tween parallel and serial routing of the two filters, has the potential for some very interesting applications. When the Parallel/ Serial knob is all the way to the left (set to fully parallel), the input signal is fed independently to both filters, and the output of the filters is mixed and routed through the main output VCA. o (You can also take sep arate outputs from the two f ilters, rather than mix them.) When the Parallel/Serial knob is turned completely clockwise, to the serial position, you can route the signal first through filter I and then through filter 2. (The slope of each fil ter is 12 dB/octave, so two in series give you a 24 dB/octave slope where the filters overlap.) In-between Parallel/Serial settings route some of the signal in parallel and some serially, providing an amazing number of possibilities, especially in combination with the Resonance controls."


I am intoxicated by the Sherman. Aren't there any owners of this beast on this forum?

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