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Where's the best place to buy keyboard cases?


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Is there an internet order site or something of the sort, or do you have to go through a music store. (We just tried that, but way too many things went wrong for me to really want to try it again...)


I have a Peavey DPM c8X but as far as I know, peavey doesn't make a case for it...



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I got my SKB keyboard case from Sam-Ash in Canoga Park (LA), CA. They have these blow-out sales once a month (if you get on their mailing list, they send you a postcard) and they do *ridiculous* prices on those things. I belive I got my 5817W (slimline 88 key case with wheels) for $270 - Musiciansfriend has it for $389! Those cases are MAPped with unbelievably high margins, margins that are sometimes worse than guitars. So make sure you try to get a good deal.. and Sam Ash is a good place to try. I'm not sure if the C8X can fit in the slimline case, though, like the PC88 does.


In case you've thought otherwise, get a case with wheels. The case alone for an 88 can weigh between 25-50 pounds. Wheels are so wonderful. Also be aware that even with an ATA case you're going to have to pay an extra $50 (at least) each way on an airline, since it'll be heavier and longer than their limits.


There are two other types of cases around: there's the Discount Distributers wooden cases which come with a wide range of levels and have optional wheels and even a luggage style handle. Their prices are reasonable until you add all the options. The C8 is unfortunately not listed there, but you could email them. Here they are: http://www.discount-distributors.com/keyboardcases.htm



The other is fairly new as of last summer's NAMM and can hold a stand as well as the keyboard. I can't find their name for the life of me. Maybe I'll check back in a week or so if I find it.


Hope that helps...


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I built mine for less than $50.00. for my K urz 2500x. that's for the hardware and all .[corners handels locks etc.] if anyone wants more detail let me know .It's cheaper than what you'll pay at the store's
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