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ASR-10 + JL Cooper DatasyncII = ?

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I've been trying to sync my Ensoniq Asr-10 sampler/sequencer to my ADAT via a JL Cooper Datasync II. I've checked the both manuals to see if there are any problems with the midi connections and everything appears to be in order. Except that it doesn't work! Are these components compatible? What is the process for transmitting and receiving beat clocks on the ASR-10? Thanks, I appreciate all the help I can get!

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There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to

understanding the process of synchronizing an ENSONIQ

workstation to a multi-track tape recorder. This document was

written in order to clearly define some of the terms encountered in

product manuals concerning this topic, and to give a basic

understanding of the capabilities and requirements in performing

such a task.


The relationship between the tape deck and the ENSONIQ

sequencer is active to passive, respectively. It is much easier to

sync the sequencer found on board an ENSONIQ workstation to the

multi-track deck than vice-versa, due to the relatively slow and

inaccurate response of the tape transport.


ENSONIQ samplers and synth workstations send and receive MIDI

clocks with Song Position Pointer. They do not respond to MIDI

Tape Sync, MIDI Time Code, or SMPTE. The MIDI clock sent

over MIDI cables to the passive sequencer tells the receiving unit

information about measures, beats, and clocks per beat, also known

as pulses per quarter note (PPQ). The lone exception to this is the

sequencer found in the Mirage keyboard and rackmount, which

sends and responds to MIDI clocks only (no SPP).Some multi-track

decks have tape sync capabilities built in, while others will require

the use of one of the many synchronization units available on the

market today. To find out about the settings and requirements of

those units, please refer to the technical manual included with the

deck or sync box. To find out about setting the sequencer on your

ENSONIQ workstation to follow external MIDI clocks, check



How to set each instrument to receive external clocks




EPS/16 PLUS/ASR-10 series


Select CLOCK SOURCE=MIDI. on the Edit/Seq Page.


You must make sure that your data sync2 is sending out midi clock with ssp . The data sync can send out many different forms of clock information , the asr only follows midi clock with ssp . I hope this helps

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