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help with vocal effects....


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Im a beginner in making and recording electronic music, but Im slowly learning the ropes.


So now, I am done with a few songs and Im going to record them and I have decided that i want to add some effects to my voice. Since I am strapped for cash, I was thinking of hooking up my mic to my keyboard, a KORG N364, and use the onboard effects. But, my question is how would I hook everything up to use the onboard effects on my mic.


If not, can anyone suggest a decent effects unit for $150 or less. I want to get a somewhat gritty sound to my voice but I still want to be understandable.



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I glossed over this post thinking I didn't know the answer, but lo and behold I do: As far as I know, the N364 does not have an input for incoming audio to be processed through the effects. I think the Triton is the only Korg board that does that. If it were a Yamaha it'd be another story, but you're not likely to buy another keyboard. As far as vocal-oriented effects processors the only ones I can think of are the Digitech harmony processors, or the Boss Voice Transformator and I doubt either is what you want.


There are many small effect processors in the $200-$500 range, with the Lexicon MPX100 (MPX1? I can't remember) or Digitech Studio 100 on the low end and the Lexicon MPX 500 and Boss VF-1 on the upper end. The Boss/Roland module is a really good buy since it includes mic and guitar modeling effects from Roland's V-Studio recorders, but it looks a bit out of your price range.


The SU100 is a good buy, can be had for as low as $180 and even has a vocoder in it! Another Under $200 processor is made by Zoom but I can't remember its name. Otherwise you'll have to go to the used market for anything cheaper. You could use these same models as starting points for the used market.


Also, depending on how you're recording this, you may be able to put some effects on it through that device, be it a computer's sound card or a V-studio machine like the Br-8 or VS880. If you record it to computer, you should know that there are decent effects in the Sound Blaster sound card. You might even try borrowing or renting a small V-studio to get into some effects without having to purchase a box of your own.


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If your doing industrial music then I'd check out the Votec pedalboard. It's got basic FX like distortion, echo, and modulation. You can plug a mic straight into it too.

Another cheap multi FX is the Electrix Mo FX. It's a rack. Pretty cool and you can tap out your delay times. No preamp though

I use a Digitech RP10 for vocals. Its got lots of FX and has a continuous controller pedal and has some great sounds.


Hope this helps.

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industriac, the single most important thing you can get right now is a COMPRESSOR.


It will make you sound more professional, and will be well worth the money.


DBX is one of many


Then worry about effects.


I may not know much about MIDI/keyboarding but I know some Pro Audio.


When doing vocals, the most important things.


#1 Quality Mic

(Sm57/58 is fine)


#2 Compressor


That's how it goes, period.


If someone has a different viewpoint, they'll probably be funny and say the voice is number 1.


DOD Votec Vocal Fx <<


If you have an AUDIO in you might as well try, I have no advice there though, I"m new to the MIDI..


Good luck, have fun!


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thanks a lot for the input people, i appreciate it. Now, it looks like ill be shopping around for an effects processor and a compressor.


For the type of music I am doing, I am not doing industrial music. I am doing stuff more on the lines of dark synthpop (that is the best way i can describe my music), and I dont want to sound like every other synthpop band out there, so I was thinking of using effects on my voice to make it a little gritty than usual.


but, thanks a lot.

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