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Blix - a game for analog synth lovers


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Warning: if you can't pull yourself away from little games like Tetris, don't read on.


There's a fabulous little addictive puzzle game on shockwave.com that features an awesome analog-ish soundtrack. My guess is that it's VA, but it's still a brilliant dance-inspired work with everything you could want from portamento to reversed drums to vocoding, oh and no cheesy filter sweeps. If you're in need of a little recreation and don't want something that will disturb your computer system, you should check out this cute game.


Here's a link:

Blix shockwave.com


p.s. I know I'm a bit evil for posting this, but I felt obligated to share it.. Blix is not the most addictive of games out there, but do heed my warning if you get addicted quickly.


p.p.s. Don't even try to get on the high score lists.. you'd have to play the game continuously for hours to get there.


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