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Live Rigs/Keyboard Jan 2001

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I was reading in the Jan Keyboard this weekend the excellent article on different live rigs and setups...several players mentioned that they backup some of the tracks to MiniDisc or CD/DAT/etc, in the event of some catastrophic meltdown of their boards.


My question is: When recording backing tracks, would one do any production on the recording, such as compression or eq or whatever, or just allow the natural sound of the instrument to be sent to the soundman?

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Since the idea is to duplicate the sound of the instruments, I would guess that the backing tracks would be recorded the same way that the synths themselves would be sent down the line - for the most part, that would be without compression, and probably without EQ other than that which would be applied to the instruments by the keyboardist. I would guess that the sound man would probably want the same control over the backing tracks that he would have over the real feeds.





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