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Midas Venice 240

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Sounds great!!.... Beware! First, the seller has a whole 3 transactions to his/her name. Second, No pictures of the console, the case, etc.? Finally, the price seems VERY inexpensive. (Although there is a reserve, which is probably significantly more than the first bid.) DO NOT buy this directly from the seller unless you meet to exchange money for gear, face to face, in a neutral, VERY PUBLIC, place. If you decide to bid, make it contingent on using an escrow service to ensure you receive the product BEFORE payment actually is given to the seller. I'd be wary of anyone who refuses, given the price and difficulty in shipping something so large and heavy. If all this sounds like the voice of panic, search the threads and you'll find an Ebay customer who seems to have been ripped of to the tune of one studio monitor. (The pair cost him several thousand dollars, and after a shipping debacle, he has received only one and the seller has disappeared.)

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