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Ever had an "a-ha" moment?

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Man, I feel stupid. For months, I haven't touched the knobs (except for volume) on my Taylor acoustic-electric. Just not something I think about. I'm gear-ignorant and barely know how to turn the thing on. I just adjust for volume depending if it's finger-pick or strumming. I was hearing an acoustic guitar strumming sound come out of my Yamaha PSR740 keyboard and I thought "Gee, I wish my guitar sounded like that." It was a sound with more body to it. For days, I wondered about this. I really needed to find that sound for a song I wrote. This "sound," I've also noticed in live acts before. Solo guys. Thinking "Gee, I wish I sounded like that." What an idiot. You'll never guess. Bass. Too much treble. Frequency and contour, too but I don't have a clue what that means, so I don't even care. Just mostly due to not enough bass. We're talkin', a DRAMATIC difference. Just a couple of twists of two knobs. I've had a few other revelations during my past two years' crash course in musicianship. One other I recall was when I was trying to teach myself how to play piano. I was getting nowhere fast. Then, I figured that if I could learn how to play chords on the piano like I could on guitar, I could at least make music. Prior to this, I had almost zero music theory knowledge. I just banged out chords on my guitar. In a two week period, I taught myself how chords were made up... major, minor, diminished, augmented, 7th, etc. Man, on the piano, it was a breeze to learn. So linear. You're just staring down at the keys. Easy to see. 1-3-5 -- major. 1-b3-5 -- minor. Etc. You wouldn't believe how fast I advanced with that one revelation. Very dramatic.

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Back in the mid-80's, I went to the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, OH. Although I had already been around some studio gear, and could make things sound reasonably good, I was rather lost on signal flow in a console. My first day there, during my first class, they did a breakdown of signal flow...and it all clicked into place (loudly, too). It took off from there.
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