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learning the art of mixing

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Spend the training money on a personal DAW. Find some beginner bands and offer to use them as Guinea pigs to learn how to use you system. As they get better, so should you. When it is all said and done, you keep your system and have made some clientele/friends in the process. And, you can do this for the same amount of money you would put into a "school".


It may sound crazy, but there are no shortcuts to the process of learning. Get your gear & money together. Then, turn on the motivation to get good! This is the way I went...





"If it sounds good..."


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I agree...get yourself a DAW. I haven't been to school, and i've learned TONS just by reading and working with new artists. It takes a while though. you just have to be patient and determined. All of the people in the magazines have been doing this for ages, and the farther into it you get, the more you start relating to their horror stories, and their good stories, and their workarounds/solutions to problems, etc...you start getting this "log" of methods for solving problems that slowly become intuitive, and part of your mixing style.
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