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Disney internship?

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Hi i'm currently researching different audio schools. I noticed that different schools offer different placement programs and internships. I've heard that Disney is a great company to work for, and i wanted to get more info on SAEI's internship programs involving Disney. Any information would be greatly appreciated. thanks. mike http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif
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Hi Mike,


I will say that all post-secondary schools (SAE, FullSail, Conservatory, etc) have state education and accreditation agency requirements (if they are accredited) to place a percentage of students in compensated employment related to their field of study (audio, multi-media, etc)...The required percentages vary state to state...REQUEST PLACEMENT DATA FROM ANY SCHOOL YOU ARE CONSIDERING, you can also obtain that information and information about complaints about the school from the state's higher education commision...Also, talk to graduates of the schools..They'll give you the real lowdown


Disney IS a great company......for more specific information on SAE, you can request more info Online at www.sae.edu or by calling 877 27-Audio

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Hey Mike,


Thought i could give you some insight having worked the post production side of film and tv for 14 years, and started at Disney Studios in Burbank Ca. Intern programs will provide a look at the process although they offer very little hands on experience, which I feel is the most important aspect of an audio career. My approach would be to educate yourself, then apply for an internship. That way if there is an opportunity you already have some experience. What i've found in the audio industry is that if you're motivated and willing to spend some time working for free to prove yourself you can get a gig anywhere.





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