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anyone know the least expensive place for studio foam?

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Markertek (.com) has the lowest foam prices I've seen so far. I wouldn't use too much though (unless it's a really small room); you don't want to feel like you're in a vacuum http://www.3dpcgames.com/cwm/s/cwm/cwm/wink.gif


Hope this helps,



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> The stuff's expensive!


Don't waste your money on foam. For 1/4 the cost (or less) you can get 1-inch Owens-Corning 703 fiberglass board which is much more effective than any foam. Or get the 2-inch thick version for even more absorption. 703 is raw fiberglass, though, so you should wrap it in burlap or a nicer looking porous cloth to keep the fibers in.



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Ethan's got it. I've got loads of the Owens Corning rigid fiberglass in my room, mostly in absorbers, but also on easels.


Another inexpensive product that works well is drop ceiling tiles. Just install a drop ceiling in your room and you will have taken care of just about all of you high and high mid absorbtion needs. You can put it on your walls as well. It works out best if you build a frame and mount it a couple of inches in front of the wall.

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I'll second the vote for the 1" and 2" compressed fiberglass. Much more effective than foam, and you can build Ethan's excellent traps and not only take care of your mids/highs, but also the commonly neglected low frequencies.


Phil O'Keefe

Sound Sanctuary Recording

Riverside CA


email: pokeefe777@msn.com

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